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Progressing the Story of Progressive Web Apps

Jungkee Song and Dan Appelquist at last year’s PWA Dev Summit

Last year, prior to my talk about them at Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, I wrote about the rise of progressive web apps — web apps that let you have your app cake and still eat all that webby goodness (to dangerously stretch a metaphor).

Since that time, the state of Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs as we’ve come to call them because we needed a new TLA) and the state of Samsung Internet have both advanced significantly. I think we’ve turned a corner. Big web properties are starting to jump on the PWA bandwagon, most notably Twitter with their announcement of “Twitter Lite.”

The Samsung Internet team has been pounding the pavement, promoting this concept as well. Jungkee and I spoke at last year’s Progressive Web App Dev Summit in Amsterdam on Service Worker (one of the key technologies behind PWAs), I ran a special event in London called Web Progressions and we’ve been talking up PWAs at other developer events both large and small.

We’ve even kicked off our own mini-series of meet-ups called Mobile Web Progress, and on Wednesday we’ll be running our second one of these, coming back to Amsterdam. Tickets are still available here, by the way, so if you are a web developer in Amsterdam, we encourage you to come along. Videos from our first meet-up in Barcelona will also soon be available, featuring great presentations from Belén Albeza, Diego González, Dom Hazael-Massieux and Salva.

The idea of these meetups is that they are a low cost (both to run and to attend) and high value way to keep “progressing” the progressive web app story — and to keep developers aware of the latest developments. We’re going to be organizing more of these this year, with a focus on European cities with vibrant web developer communities. If you’d like to see us organize a Mobile Web Progress meet-up in your city, please get in touch!

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By Daniel Appelquist on May 8, 2017.

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