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Using Google’s Blocks with A-Frame to make exciting scenes!

Google has recently launched blocks, blocks is a user friendly tool for 3D modelling, items made in blocks are added to a repository under a Creative Commons license.

Here is how to use these models in A-Frame:

1. Go to the objects page of blocks:

2. Find an object you like

3. Download Object

4. Extract files and put them in your project

I am using to build my project so I will add them to the assets folder of Glitch.

5. Use them

Make an <a-assets> tag if it does not already exist.

To that add <a-asset-item> for the material an obj.

Use obj-model="obj: #obj; mtl: #mtl” to add the object to an <a-entity> In the scene.

6. Oh dear it is tiny and in the floor at our feet.

7. Make it bigger, move it up and in front of the camera.

I added position and scale to make it 5x bigger and positioned two units up and 5 units away from the camera.

Final Code for this demo:

<!DOCTYPE html>

AFrame Demo

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By Ada Rose Cannon on July 10, 2017.

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