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Content blockers can help your browsing experience to be less cluttered with unwanted content such as annoying adverts. They can help your privacy by blocking invasive tracking, save your data usage and even improve your battery life.

Samsung Internet content blockers are third-party apps which are installed and then activated in Samsung Internet. To enable content blocking:

Step 1

In Samsung Internet, press the menu button (the 3 dots to the right of the address bar), select ‘Extensions’, then ‘Content blockers’. This will show a list of available ad blockers that you can tap to install. (Alternatively you can search for ‘content blocker’ from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps store and install your preferred app from there).

Installing content blockers

Step 2

Once you have installed a content blocker, activate it from the ‘Content blockers’ settings (Extensions  —  Content Blockers). You can use up to 5 content blockers at the same time.

Activating content blockers

Step 3

Now you can enjoy browsing with content blocking enabled. If you take a look in the menu, you’ll be able to check the number of blocked requests for the current page.

Viewing blocked requests

To view the current page without content blocking, tap the ‘View without content blocker’ menu item. You can also toggle content blockers on and off as you wish in the settings.