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Enable videos to be displayed immersively in 360 degrees, by setting dimension on the type attribute.

Possible values for type:

  • dimension=3d-lr: Side-by-Side 3D Video
  • dimension=3d-tb: Top-to-bottom 3D Video
  • dimension=360: 360˚ Video
  • dimension=360-lr: Side-by-side 3D 360˚ Video
  • dimension=360-tb: Top-to-bottom 3D 360˚ Video
  • dimension=180: 180˚ Video
  • dimension=180-lr: Side-by-side 3D 180˚ Video
  • dimension=180-tb: Top-to-bottom 3D 180˚ Video

In Samsung Internet for Android, 360° videos can be viewed by tapping on the full-screen option and rotating your mobile device to view different parts of the scene:

360° video option displayed in Samsung Internet for Android

360° video viewed in Samsung Internet for Android


<video src=”/360.webm" type=”video/webm; dimension=360;">


360 video example on Github

Live Demo

Browser support

360 videos were introduced in Samsung Internet version 4.2.

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