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Samsung Internet supports the Payment Request API, providing a consistent, easy-to-use and secure check-out experience.

Card payments

There are example projects here on Github. Here is a simple extracted sample:

if (window.PaymentRequest) {

  // To accept debit and credit card payments
  var methodData = [{supportedMethods: ['basic-card']}];

  var details = {total: {label: 'Something that costs money', amount: {currency: 'GBP', value: '9.99'}}};

  // Show a Payment Request UI and handle the result
  new PaymentRequest(methodData, details)
    .then(function(uiResult) {
    .catch(function(error) {

} else {
  // Use a legacy checkout method for browsers without support

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay makes transactions super easy — pay with just your fingerprint, no CVV required! Samsung Pay uses secure tokenized payments, meaning that you do not have to handle sensitive credit card data. Samsung Pay is accepted virtually anywhere you can swipe or tap your card with MST and NFC support.

Samsung Internet supports Samsung Pay as a payment method, subject to Samsung Pay availability by location. See here for further details and register your interest using this form.


Browser support

Payment Request API support was introduced in Samsung Internet v5.0. The ‘basic-card’ format was introduced in Samsung Internet v5.4 (see here for details of the change).

The Payment Request API is also supported in many other major browsers, including Chrome, Opera and Edge.

Please note that the Payment Request API provides the user interface part of taking payments. You will still need a suitable payment gateway or payment processor to provide secure payment processing.

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