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Reducing the friction of online payments go to article

The web is evolving with new features and ideas that could make online payments easier...

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Promises, Promises

While I was getting to grips with Web Bluetooth, I learnt that the ‘request device’ method, the one that allows your browser to connect to a remote device, returns a Promise. But what is a Promise?

New Samsung Internet Beta, Introduces Protected Browsing!

Samsung Internet 7.2 brings an engine upgrade and new UI features and better performance on low memory devices.

Let’s connect with Samsung Internet v6.4 stable!

Samsung Internet v6.4 is now being released to stable, featuring Web Bluetooth enabled by default, special local features and security updates

Introducing Web Payments: Easier Online Purchases With The Payment Request API

The W3C Working Group has been busy developing new standards to help make online payments much easier. This article shares .

Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, declarative web APIs and truly serverless web endpoints

This article introduces some cool things I have been playing with recently that have excited me. The thread which ties them together is getting communities of sites to work together across domains, but powered by the front end.

Samsung Internet v6.2 now stable!

Coming soon to an Android 5+ device near you! With Night Mode, Tracking Blockers and all the great features from the Beta.

6 Myths of Progressive Web Apps

Terms like “Progressive Web Apps” (PWAs) are useful to help spread concepts, but they come with a risk of misuse and misunderstanding. Let's explore some common myths (IMHO) about PWAs.

Think You Know The Top Web Browsers?

If you attend web developer events in much of Europe and North America, inevitably you will see the same browser logos keep cropping up in the speakers’ slides...

Release of Samsung Internet Chrome Extension v2

Today we are very glad to release the much awaited version 2 of our Chrome Extension. Install it today to sync bookmarks across your Chrome browser on PC and Samsung Internet.

What’s The Deal With The Samsung Internet Browser?

Interview with Jungkee Song from Samsung Internet - Samsung Internet (which is the official, and quite boring, name of the Samsung Chromium browser) has about 400 million active users globally (source: the interview below). For comparison, Google Chrome for Android has about 1 billion.

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Samsung Create 2018

19-20 April 2018. San Jose, USA

a Web Event by Samsung.

DeltaV Conference

10-11 May 2018, London

Jo Franchetti is one of the organisers of DeltaV, a new two day conference featuring inspiring talks and practical advice on web performance.

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