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Big news for our new Samsung Internet beta v6.2! go to article

For the first time, Samsung Internet is becoming available for all Android L+ phones! Plus CSS Grid and lots more…

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We now have a community-approved Progressive Web Apps logo!

The term ‘Progressive Web App’ has been around since 2015, describing an approach for developing web experiences that combine the best of the web and the best of native apps. However, up until now there hasn’t been an easy way to convey the message with a logo...

Announcing Samsung Internet v5.4 stable!

Thank you to all our beta testers! Samsung Internet version 5.4 is now being released in our stable channel. As usual with our gradual roll-outs, it will become available worldwide over the next few days via the Play Store and Galaxy Apps store...

Think You Know The Top Web Browsers?

If you attend web developer events in much of Europe and North America, inevitably you will see the same browser logos keep cropping up in the speakers’ slides...

Release of Samsung Internet Chrome Extension v2

Today we are very glad to release the much awaited version 2 of our Chrome Extension. Install it today to sync bookmarks across your Chrome browser on PC and Samsung Internet.

What’s The Deal With The Samsung Internet Browser?

Interview with Jungkee Song from Samsung Internet - Samsung Internet (which is the official, and quite boring, name of the Samsung Chromium browser) has about 400 million active users globally (source: the interview below). For comparison, Google Chrome for Android has about 1 billion.

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Samsung Developer Conference 2017

18-19 Oct 2017

Team Samsung Internet will be out in force at this year's Samsung Developer Conference. Come join us! See the event page for more information and the link to register.

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