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The Gamepad Reloaded go to article

Revision of Gamepad API support in Samsung Internet Beta 5.4

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Release of Samsung Internet Chrome Extension v2

Today we are very glad to release the much awaited version 2 of our Chrome Extension. Install it today to sync bookmarks across your Chrome browser on PC and Samsung Internet.

Samsung Internet Beta now available without sign up

We have received many requests for Samsung Internet to become available on non Samsung Phones and Tablets. Well today we are announcing a new Beta...

Making input type=date complicated

Everyone who’s ever messed around with dates knows that they are terribly user-hostile — not only for software developers, but also for users. True, users will be able to tell you their date of birth or today’s date without trouble, but ask them to fill them out in a web form and they will encounter problems.

What’s The Deal With The Samsung Internet Browser?

Interview with Jungkee Song from Samsung Internet - Samsung Internet (which is the official, and quite boring, name of the Samsung Chromium browser) has about 400 million active users globally (source: the interview below). For comparison, Google Chrome for Android has about 1 billion.

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Bulgaria Web Summit

7-8 April 2017

Bulgaria Web Summit is an annual web technology conference in Sofia. Ada Rose Edwards will be speaking about Virtual Reality and the Future of the Web.

VR World Congress, Bristol, UK

11-13 April 2017

Last year's sell-out VR World Congress brought more than 750 delegates together from 23 countries to learn and share about Virtual Reality. This year, Diego González will be speaking on the WebVR panel.

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