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How to enable Secret Mode

Step 1

To enable Secret Mode: Open up Samsung Internet. Tap on Tabs in the bottom right corner.

Samsung Interet viewing a PWA

Step 2

Select TURN ON SECRET MODE in the bottom left corner.

Plus icon when tapped

Step 3

You are now browsing in secret mode! You can switch between modes by pressing the button in the corner again. You can tell you’re in Secret Mode because the background is a dark grey (in normal mode there is a light grey background).

Secret Mode can also be secured with a password. Uf you tap on the 3 dots next to CLOSE ALL on the tabs screen, then select SECRET MODE SECURITY, you can set a password so only you can access it. You can set a normal password and then use your fingerprint or irises to unlock it.

homescreen with new pwa icon

Step 4

If you enable a password you will be promoted to enter it whenever you tap on the ENTER SECRET MODE button. If you set up a fingerprint or iris you can use that and skip typing in a password.

homescreen with new pwa icon

What does Secret Mode do?

When in Secret Mode, no history data is recorded by the browser and all cookies are deleted when you exit. So once you leave secret mode, you won’t be able to look back and see what sites you were on.

Your phone may not be able to remember what sites you visited, but your network admin or internet service provider could still be able to tell. 

It does not carry over cookies from normal browsing. This is useful if you want to log into the same site with two different accounts, without logging out.

If you have content blockers enabled, they will carry over to Secret Mode, so you can still block unwanted content.

Permissions that you give websites will carry over from normal mode, so if you let a website use your camera with secret mode turned off it will still be able to use it if you visit the site in secret mode. This does not work the other way, so if you let a website send you notifications in secret mode, you’ll need to give it permission to again when you exit.

When in Secret Mode you can’t take any screenshots.